Now, I’m new to Kid President but he is a YouTube personality. After googling Presidents Day for kids for a few days I thought this was well worth sharing rather than a dull Presidents Day lesson for kids.

As a Canadian, American holidays always creep up on me, I’m still learning, but also as a Canadian we’re often too nice, passive and say sorry way too much – at least that’s the stereotype. Well, it’s 100% true because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve substituted ‘sorry’ for ‘excuse me’ when I’m walking through a crowd.

Presidents Day for Kids

Communication is key and Kid President speaks the truth! A little politeness and courtesy goes a long way, so does admitting you’re wrong or simply saying “I’m sorry”. Play this video for your little ones – you’ll enjoy it too because let me tell you – Kid President is not dull, he’s quite the little entertainer.

Here’s a little video from Kid President called 20 Things We Should Say More Often.

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