Do a fun and simple experiment with your little ones to teach them about their Sense-of-Hearing.  See how many “mystery sounds” they can identify!

Explain to them that their ears help them hear sounds.  KidsHealth explains in more detail how the ear is made up of three different sections:  the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. These parts all work together so you can hear and process sounds. Read more about your ears and how they work here.

Ear Diagram

Ear Diagram


Now let’s begin the fun experiment!  Ask them to close their eyes and keep their bodies quiet and steady.  Tell them to listen carefully.  Perhaps they can hear sounds that they didn’t notice before!

Then let them know to really get their ears ready for some mystery sounds that you will make!

Sense of Hearing Experiment

Eyes closed, ears ready!

If you like, you could use a blind fold too.  Ask them to identify each sound that you make.  These are the sounds that we used:

  • clapped hands
  • stomped feet
  • jingled keys
  • closed the cabinet
  • rolled a toy car
  • flipped pages of a book
  • bounced a ball
  • jingled bells

How did they do?  Were they able to identify all of the sounds?  Be creative and try other different sounds you can think of!  You could even reverse the roles, and have them test your sense of hearing!



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