This is a fun activity to teach your little ones about their sense of touch.

Ask your child if they know what our body’s largest organ is.  Skin is the correct answer to that question!  And skin is also what we use to feel.  Our skin helps us to feel if something is smooth, bumpy, hot, cold, prickly, etc.  Kids Health explains in more detail how the skin and nerve endings allow us to have the sense of touch.


The Skin and Its Different Layers –

This fun Sense of Touch activity is quite simple to do!  Without the children seeing, collect a handful of small items around your home and place them inside a bag.  Make sure they can not see through the bag!

                                      Sense of Touch Items      Sense of Touch Activity


Then, have them place their hand into the bag.  They must feel around with their hands and fingers, using only their sense of touch to guess what the item is.   Ask them to describe in words, what the item in their hand feels like.

                                           Sense of Touch Sam   Sense of Touch Sean


Have them pull one item out of the bag and confirm whether or not their guess was correct!

Sense of Touch Clothespin

A clothespin! He was excited he got a right!

Sense of Touch Activity

We won’t deny that there was some peeking by our littlest one… 🙂

The boys sure enjoyed guessing all of the other items inside of the bag!  For younger kids, you can also do this experiment using one item at a time inside of the bag.  Our kids had a blast with this activity and we hope your little ones do too!


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