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Yoga for Children

If you’re already super into yoga, you probably know the benefits already – and if you’re not doing yoga, what are you waiting for!? A great way to take it to the next level would be getting your children involved with it too. Yoga for children obviously isn’t going to be as strenuous as some of the yoga strains out there today – and definitely will not take place in a 104 degree Fahrenheit sweat lodge!

Yoga Benefits for Kids

On the surface yoga can help the following:

  • Enhances flexibility
  • Enhances strength
  • Enhances coordination and body awareness.
  • Fine tunes concentration
  • Calmness and relaxation improves
  • A great source of exercise and play

However, yoga is good for the mind, body and spirit as we all know.

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Getting Started

This doesn’t have to happen at a studio or specialized children’s studio – because you can do it right in your own home:

The Cobra Pose

This pose is great because it’s an animal, firstly and secondly it’s a great beginners pose:

Have your child lie on their tummy, lift head and shoulders off ground, place palms flat next to your shoulders. If they’re interested have them hiss like a snake, too.

The Giraffe Pose
Have your child reach your arms up high over their head. Then have them bring their palms together. Have them tilt their upper body to one side, back to the center, then tilt their body to the opposite of the first side.


The Tree Pose

Have your child lift their right foot, turning their knee out; then place their foot above or below your left knee, depending on their comfort level. The next step is to press their hands together, raise their arms over their head and look up and their hands. Return their hands to their chest and lower their right leg.

Yoga in general is best done in sequence, but these are a few key poses your kids might want to master. Check out Kids Yoga Stories for the full scoop.



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