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Baby Proofing Your Home

If you’re bringing a baby home for the first time there are so many places in your home you haven’t even realized are a potential threat to your baby. Check out a comprehensive list on baby proofing your home.



  • Turn down the water temperature on your water heater
  • Install toilet lid locks
  • Keep medication, vitamins and cosmetics out of your baby’s reach 


  • Put decals on sliding-glass doors so your child won’t run into them.
  • Use doorknob covers on doors that you don’t want your child to open.



  • Try either installing window guards or adjust your windows so they can’t open more than six inches.
  • Tie up the strings for your blinds
  • Never place cribs, playpens or highchairs anywhere near blind cords.
  • Install safety glass in low windows and French doors so they won’t shatter if a child falls into them.
  • Don’t place furniture or anything that can be climbed on near a window.



  • Cover all unused electrical outlets with safety plugs that snap into outlets.
  • Check for exposed outlets behind furniture that you may have overlooked.



  • Install gates once they start crawling. “Put them at the bottom of stairways to prevent them from getting up the stairs. And if you are worried about them getting out of a bedroom
  • “Don’t put a gate at the top of the steps, because some babies can climb up a gate and fall from an even higher height,” she says.
  • Place the safety gate bar latch on the side away from your child’s reach.
  • Never leave anything on the stairs that you can trip on while carrying your baby.

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