I came across this awesome craft (and game) idea for kids from Teach Preschool called the Pizza Toss Drawing Game. Yes! Pizza in the form of a game – a pizza game you can make yourself VERY easily at home. Who knows – maybe you can make a pizza later based on your child’s drawing (which will hopefully made entirely out of peperoni, hopefully)

It might be a little trick to get your kids to eat veggies too – I mean, veggies HAVE to be good for you when they’re on a pizza right? RIGHT? Check out the fabulous craft-game hybrid:

Pizza Toss Drawing Game

Drawing Game You’ll Need

Wooden blocks | Markers to draw toppings on wooden blocks | Crayons | Circles cut out of paper

Pizza is so much fun to explore in preschool. Exploring pizza can lead to conversations about likes, dislikes, shapes, color, vegetables and other food, and of course many different kinds of art, music, math, science, and reading activities. One of our many ways of exploring pizzas included this simple DIY pizza toss game…

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