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Easy Crafts for Kids: Cork Easter Chicks

Wine corks – you have at least a few laying around. Let’s put those corks to good use with some east crafts for kids – Easter edition! This craft is super easy, not too messy and you have all the supplies already. If you don’t have any corks laying around you can always make larger chicks by using a potato stamp.

You’ll Need

  • Wine corks
  • Yellow paint
  • Orange and white construction paper
  • Scissors
  • A black sharpie
  • White school glue



  1. Pour yellow paint into a shallow bowl or paper plate
  2. Have  your child dip the end perfectly circular end of the wine cork into yellow paint and stamping it on a white piece of paper.
  3. Once the yellow paint has dried, use the marker to draw two little legs and feet on the chicks.
  4. Fold a piece of orange construction paper in half and cut out small triangles to create the chick beaks.
  5. Carefully glue on side of the beak to the page – you can use a q-tip to apply the glue to the beak since they’re so tiny.
  6. To make the wings: use the edges of the wine cork and create little lines coming out from the sides.

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