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Inspiration: Scrapbooking Ideas

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Scrapbooking... you've told yourself to do it yet you can't quite seem to get around to it. We have a bunch of scrapbooking ideas to get you inspired. It's a great activity because you're not only getting your creative juices flowing, but it's a good stress reliever and it's an activity you can get your children involved with, too. Think of it as your 3D journal, taking some of the most important milestones in your [...]

Science Experiments that Explode!


Science experiments are great!  But when you add a special explosion to that experiment it becomes so much better and interesting! Elephant's toothpaste is one of those simple, safe experiments that gets the kids to squeal in delight.  Have extra materials on hand because they will ask you to repeat it over and over again. Ingredients: Empty water bottle 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide Squirt of dish detergent 4 drops of food coloring 1 teaspoon of [...]

Hilarious Pregnancy Photography

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I know we've talked about Awkward Family Photos before, so, if you're ever having a bad day or need a laugh just scroll through their site.It's a guaranteed pick-me-up. One of my favorite sections on the site is pregnancy photography. There is some very tasteful work out there and some... well, you'll see.... I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but a lot of people think it's all about the belly. So many photographers are [...]

Fix Jeans with Holes: Felt Faces

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Kids are rough on their clothing. And that can get rough on your wallet, especially when you find yourself needing to replace clothing on a regular basis. I mean, kids grow out of their clothes fast enough as it is! That's why I really fell in love with this idea. There's no need to toss out old jeans with holes in the knee when you can turn the hole into a cute (or scary!) face. [...]


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Cherish those special times with your children and loved ones... Cherish those ordinary times with your children and loved ones... And live each day with gratitude and compassion...

Notes to your children

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Write notes to your children! Your kids will love it! Write them little notes and slip them in their lunch box. Place a note on their pillow before they go to sleep. Set it on the kitchen table in the morning so they’ll see it at breakfast time! Draw pictures, write a little message, or simply decorate your note with stickers!Your notes will bring smiles all around!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What to Eat|

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from ItsySparks! Have you cooked up something special and yummy for today? Perhaps you are enjoying a dish that someone else prepared? Please share pictures of your delicious dishes!

The Health Benefits of Bananas


Who knew bananas were so powerful? It turns out the health benefits of bananas are endless! They have such a mild sweetness and go great with everything and the best news is - kids are bananas for bananas! Add them to smoothies, cut them up for peanut butter on toast or pack one in your child's lunch and for every banana your child eats you should eat one too. Check out why... Blood Pressure  Bananas [...]

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