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Bedroom Organization Ideas for Kids


Toy boxes are overflowing, there are trinkets on every surface, clothing and shoes are strewn across the floor and if you step on one ore piece of Lego you might just snap. It seems like your kids have accumulated a billion toys - WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? I'm an advocate for clean spaces and making the most out of every room. Ikea are absolute wizards at organization - think of their furniture as transformers: each [...]

Gluten and Dairy Free Pizza

What to Eat|

There are plenty of recipes out there for gluten free pizza, but this recipe is both gluten and dairy free pizza. This recipe is great because you can either make your own cheese or you can buy a vegan brand like Daiya - I swear it tastes just like cheese. This is a recipe for two 8-12" pizzas or one large 14" pizza, so maybe make one for the adults and let the kids choose their [...]

Flower Moon

Books, Brain Food|

‘Flower Moon’ written by Gina Linka is a story of twins Tally and Tempest.  This is the story of sisters and what they grow to do with their lives in their families.  One summer these two sisters learn more about themselves while on summer vacation while working with a carnival Tally is the twin that seems to learn the most over this summer.    ‘Flower Moon’ is a middle school novel that teaches how [...]

Make a Volcano

Mini Scientists|

Make a Volcano This classic science project and experiment is so fun to do! Many times, when we make a volcano, we would just do the eruption part of this project using an empty water bottle and not actually mold a volcano shape. Watching the eruption over and over again, sure kept the boys engaged for quite some time! The grown-ups in the house had just as much fun too! Volcanoes are fascinating! To [...]

Kid Approved Recipes: Chicken Fingers

What to Eat|

Who doesn't love a plate of chicken fingers - and who doesn't love guaranteed kid approved recipes? These chicken fingers have a secret though, they're made with almond meal instead of flour which sounds crazy of course, but you can't taste the almond. It just adds a little healthy touch to a favorite meal of kids everywhere, is gluten-free and there's no shame in that! You'll Need 1lb Boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1 Cup almond [...]

Exploding Soap Science Experiment

ItsySparks, Mini Scientists|

This is probably one of the quickest science experiments you can do, while receiving one of the biggest "WOW" factor from your kiddos! Basically, all you need is a bar of Ivory brand soap and a microwavable plate! As with a lot of our experiments, we like to do a sink or float test. Ask your child to predict whether the bar of soap will sink or float, then put it in a bowl of [...]

Classic Kids Books


Ah, to be a kid again! Don't get me wrong, there are so many great series out there, but these ones are my go-to faves. There are always a handful classic kids books you wouldn't mind reading again as an adult. I tend to gravitate towards to ones with animals or fruit (you'll see…) Here are a few of my personal favorites with a brief summery (in case you haven't read them cover to cover 40 [...]

10 Best Learning Toys for Kids

I Want That|

We've complied a list of the 15 Best Learning Toys for Kids. The list is ordered by age, with the recommended age information available underneath the product photo. VTech Pull and Sing Puppy Recommended for children 6 month - 3 years Buy on Amazon Get ready for fun and adventures with the Pull and Sing Puppy by VTech. This playful interactive puppy loves to follow [...]

DIY Homemade Italian Seasoning

Money Savers|

Salad dressing, meats, soups - it seems like so many of your recipes require Italian seasoning and why haven't you ever tried to make your own? I'm sure you have all the seasoning laying around anyway and if you don't - they're relatively inexpensive and you'll have homemade Italian Seasoning for months! When you're done getting all creative in the kitchen - why not put your plethora of spice into a mason jar? They're airtight [...]

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