This week I came across two of the most creative (and dirt cheap) sensory stimulation activities for babies from Hands on as we Grow. It’s important for kids to explore textures in a safe way and bonus! Both of these activities have to do with food! This is great because you know we’re advocates of sneaking food and veggies into recipes – now we can do it with playtime!

Check out these awesome activities from Jamie Reimer:

Edible Paint for Babies

Sensory Stimulation Activities

Painting for babies is a great sensory experience for them, because they are rarely really painting…

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You’ll Need

A food processor | A handful of blueberries, three kiwis and a banana | A couple drops of food coloring | Pureed baby food

Simple Edible Sensory Play with Frozen Veggies

Sensory Stimulation Activities

Unfortunately, I have picky eaters. And I’m not the best parent when it comes to introducing them to new, healthy foods, because, well, I’m a picky eater myself… [read more]

You’ll Need

A bag of frozen vegetables | A plastic tub


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