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Volunteer Opportunities for Kids in Los Angeles

People forget how good it feels to donate their time to a worthy cause and tend to only volunteer around the holidays. We’re all busy – but a couple hours on a weekend can do wonders. Teaching children the importance of volunteering their time is essential – and bonus: they can even work with animals! Check out these volunteer opportunities for kids in Los Angeles…


This nonprofit helps disenfranchised animal owners take care of their pets.  Volunteering at the kennels is strictly for kids 16 and up,  but animal lovers of all ages with adult accompaniment can aid by organizing and delivering needed supplies and food to homebound clients or fostering an animal for a short time, as well as walking the dogs of people who are too sick to take their own pets out. See more info here.


BookEnds recycles children’s books through student-run book drives; kids of all ages are encouraged to start a collection.  BookEnds helps facilitate distribution to worthy organizations and schools – kid organizers then deliver donations too. See more info here.

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Children’s Hospital of LA
It’s hard to be stuck in a hospital, especially as a child being away from friends and family.  Children of all ages can help put a smile on a stranger’s face with homemade greeting cards for ailing youngsters to be distributed as colorful surprises and cheery room decorations.  Creations can be mailed to volunteer services anytime. See more info here.


Milk & Bookies is another group that teaches kids how great it feels to give back with book distribution.  They’ll help you host a party (through any kind of group setting: through a school, playgroup, neighborhood or as a birthday party), plan the event, and find a worthy recipient group.  Their “Bookies Box” will get your kiddo started on their path to philanthropy, and comes complete with “I Donated” stickers that kids can wear (and distribute) proudly. See more info here.


Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation
Here’s a great one around Easter, kids can turn arts & crafts projects into essential adoption kits for rabbits, volunteers cut and paste handmade bunnies onto bags then fill with coupons, care info, toys and assorted animal goodies for adoptive families of rescued rabbits. See more info here.


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